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Preview version 20.4_Preview4 (2020-09-23) changelog:

  • Improvement: improved detection of WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) distributions, even with multiple versions of the same distribution
  • Improvement: allow manual selection of any WSL1 or WSL2 distribution and manual selection of its connection type
  • Improvement: allow manual selection of the username for WSL1 and WSL2 distributions instead of using the default one
  • Improvement: improved Wine compatibility for Linux and Mac users, many MobaXterm features now work under Linux or Mac, thanks to Wine, PlayOnMac, PlayOnLinux or Crossover
  • Improvement: graphical applications can now be displayed directly without any extra step needed, on WSL1 and WSL2 distributions
  • Improvement: when running WSL2 applications, a graphical browser allows you to easily browse the distribution filesystem
  • Improvement: when running WSL2 applications, you can use the "remote monitoring" bar to monitor your WSL2 distribution
  • Improvement: improved remote monitoring toolbar compatibility with systems where the "sleep" command does not work
  • Improvement: improved SCP browser compatibility with systems where the "ls" command displays "?" when it cannot list a file
  • Improvement: in WSL, the TERM variable is now set to "xterm-256color" for compatibility with extended terminal color schemes
  • Improvement: checking "Adapt remote DPI" setting in RDP sessions will no longer open the session fullscreen but in a detached window instead
  • Improvement: your DPI settings are now automatically adapted when you connect to a remote Windows 10 desktop using RDP, even when you switch to another monitor
  • Improvement: added the "autoscale" setting in RDP sessions which allows to automatically adapt the remote desktop to local resolution
  • Improvement: added the "redirect microphone" setting in RDP sessions which allows redirecting the default local audio capture device to the remote server
  • Improvement: added support for link-local IPv6 addresses with specified network adapter in SSH sessions with jump hosts
  • Improvement: for PRO users, the customizer program is now able to import your "*.mxtpro" files, in order for you to easily apply any previous customization
  • Improvement: for PRO users, there are now tooltips on each security settings in order to give more details about each option
  • Improvement: for PRO users, there is a new "disable X11 remote access" setting which allows forcing X11 server to be bound to localhost (loopback) network only
  • Improvement: added a right-click menu on the remote monitoring bar in order to select the items to monitor (CPU, RAM, Partitions, File descriptors, ...)
  • Improvement: added 2 options into the remote monitoring right-click menu in order to copy or save the remote server information as text
  • Improvement: added a menu entry in order to disable Forced-ASLR on MobaXterm local terminal tools and utilities
  • Improvement: improved the speed of the "Quick connect" feature, especially when you have many sessions (more than 1000)
  • Improvement: added some more checks at startup in case the "Documents" folder is a network path which is not immediately available
  • Improvement: a new configuration setting "RemoteMonitoringCompatibleMode" (in the "SSH" section) allows the remote monitoring feature to work properly with FISH shell
  • Improvement: the local GIT prompt is now in blue by default instead of red for better readability
  • Improvement: inform the user in the terminal that a workaround exists when a graphical application fails to start because it was run using "sudo" or "su"
  • Improvement: improved some of the MobaFont glyphs for better readability on HD and High DPI monitors
  • Improvement: the "MobaXterm" folder is no more created into "MyDocuments" at MobaXterm startup if you choose the "AppData" folder for MobaXterm profile
  • Improvement: startup speed has been slightly improved by avoiding some useless disk access, threading access to plugins, and setting main form DPI earlier
  • Improvement: improved creation speed of SpinEdit and WebLabel graphic components
  • Improvement: improved speed of upload and download transfers in SFTP sessions
  • Improvement: modified X server startup command when MobaXterm runs into App-V in order to prevent a shell console from being created
  • Improvement: removed the green highlighting color when the prompt is just a "#" character
  • Improvement: added a new "UseOriginalSshAgent" setting in the "SSH" section of the configuration file, in order to use OpenSSH agent instead of Pageant
  • Improvement: added some more icons for sessions and folders
  • Bugfix: in some specific conditions, pressing the "ESCAPE" key to close some dialog windows sometimes did not work
  • Bugfix: when opening twice the same SSH session with SSH-browser set to SCP, the "Follow terminal" feature used to follow only the 1st opened session
  • Bugfix: after having copied a session from the "CUSTOM" tree to the "USER" tree, the new session is immediately saved in case MobaXterm is closed after that
  • Bugfix: fixed some issues when MobaXterm is run from a Unicode PATH or when the profile directory is set to a Unicode PATH
  • Bugfix: in MOSH sessions, the "Charset" and "Prediction type" settings were incorrect when the session was created using the Customizer
  • Bugfix: fixed an "assertion failed" error message if the "Answerback" feature was manually modified by the user and was set to an empty string
  • Bugfix: fixed an "assertion failed" error message when starting 2 SSH tunnels configured as remote port forwarding on the same SSH gateway
  • Bugfix: after clicking on "Refresh shared sessions", the shared sessions defined into the professional customizer were not taken into account
  • Bugfix: when a WSL distribution was chosen as default shell, right-clicking on a Windows folder and choosing "Open MobaXterm here" did not open MobaXterm into that folder
  • Bugfix: the macro popup menu was sometimes hidden behind the terminal in detached window mode
  • Bugfix: Xdmcp failed to start with some specific monitor DPI configurations
  • Bugfix: in dark mode, the SSH key selection dialog box in the SSH tunnels window was sometimes hidden behind the main window
  • Bugfix: when right-clicking on a folder and choose "Open MobaXterm here", if the default shell was Cmd or Powershell, the session was not opened into the selected folder
  • Bugfix: starting a session by typing its name in the terminal sometimes failed when the session definition contained a UTF-8 character
  • Bugfix: in WSL, the default LOCALE variable was sometimes not set to the chosen default WSL value