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Preview version 20.7_Preview1 (2020-11-29) changelog:

  • New feature: you can now select "PowerShell 7" or "Windows PowerShell" in Shell session settings
  • New feature: added a new "Import/Export configuration" feature in the "Settings" menu which allows you to backup or share your MobaXterm configuration as a single file
  • New feature: added a new "Reset configuration" feature in the "Settings" menu which allows you to reset the entire MobaXterm configuration or only reset some specific defaults
  • Improvement: the Professional Customizer is now compatible with Wine, under Linux and Mac OsX
  • Improvement: improved several components design in dark mode (checkboxes, comboboxes, ...)
  • Improvement: many components have been themed for a better look under Wine
  • Improvement: filtered out several useless entries from the remote monitoring "disk space" section
  • Improvement: the Professional Customizer is now able to embed big plugin files into the generated ZIP archive
  • Improvement: the Professional Customizer can now extract the main executable properly, even if Windows installer is disabled by some third-party software
  • Improvement: you can now define the default font charset and select "Use font encoding" as terminal charset (useful for special character encodings)
  • Improvement: you can now define a specific terminal font charset for each terminal-based session
  • Improvement: the local terminal prompt is now adapted when the current path is too long to fit into the terminal width
  • Improvement: the SSH-browser header has been adapted to the dark theme
  • Improvement: an enhanced tooltip and a right-click menu with a list of listening DISPLAYS have been added to the "X" button in the top toolbar
  • Improvement: when the X server is off, its DISPLAY is now reserved in order to prevent sessions which have been started with a specific DISPLAY to lose it
  • Improvement: if the X server is off and an application tries to access it, a popup dialog informs you and allows you to start it
  • Improvement: better detection of each X server and Remote monitoring instances ownership when MobaXterm is launched in "Multi-instances" mode
  • Improvement: the detection of running X server instances has been improved in order to prevent MobaXterm from slowing down
  • Improvement: added a "Start Windows Powershell as admin" menu entry in the "Tools" section
  • Improvement: added a specific icon for imported PuTTY sessions folder
  • Improvement: added an entry in the sessions right-click menu which allows to autodetect and import WSL sessions
  • Improvement: added a right-click menu in the tabs bar which allows to quickly start a specific shell (Bash, cmd, powershell, wsl) or jump to a specific tab
  • Improvement: a check at MobaXterm startup verifies if the CygUtils plugin is obsolete
  • Improvement: better detection of the OneDrive folder when its name is in 8.3 format
  • Improvement: slightly improved startup speed and removed some small visual glitches in dark mode
  • Bugfix: fixed the tab order in the global settings and sessions windows
  • Bugfix: when using the "Quick search" feature and clicking on the blank part under the "New session" icon, the "New session" window was started
  • Bugfix: in the SSH-browser and FTP/SFTP sessions, when editing a file and simultaneously clicking on another one resulted in a popup asking if you wanted to rename the file
  • Bugfix: in the global settings window, scrollbars no longer lose their dark theme when switching focus with the "TAB" key
  • Bugfix: right-clicking on a folder to open MobaXterm terminal in that folder did not work if the default shell was WSL and MobaXterm was already running
  • Bugfix: the tab titles were sometimes incorrect when extended characters were used in conjunction with a specific Windows language configuration
  • Bugfix: fixed a tab moving issue when "focus follows mouse" was set in Windows
  • Bugfix: corrected a slowness issue when browsing for plugins in the Customizer
  • Bugfix: the "Terminal type" setting was not properly refreshed the first time a session was edited
  • Bugfix: fixed a potential missing library file in ZSH shell (64 bit) which prevented Cmd or Powershell from starting properly
  • Bugfix: when closing several terminals at the same time, sometimes some of them were missing from the prompt dialog list
  • Bugfix: duplicate tab feature now works properly when you duplicate a WSL tab which uses localhost connection
  • Bugfix: in "Split mode", when cycling through tabs using a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+arrow or Ctrl+Tab), the focus can no more be assigned to an invisible tab