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Preview version 23.2_Preview1 (2023-05-03) changelog:

  • Improvement: added support for NTRU Prime post-quantum key exchange in the expert SSH settings
  • Improvement: added support for AES-GCM cipher in the expert SSH settings
  • Improvement: you can now set the minimum master password complexity in the Customizer to "standard" (8 characters minimum) or "strong" (12 characters minimum)
  • Improvement: updated the MoTTY engine with the latest improvements from the PuTTY project
  • Improvement: the "MobaSSHTunnel" button now brings any existing window to the front, even if it was minimized
  • Improvement: merged fonts locations "/usr/share/fonts" and "/usr/share/X11/fonts" into a single one
  • Improvement: added a new setting in MobaDiff in order to highlight small text changes with a different color
  • Improvement: the X server is not moved anymore to the top left corner once it is started
  • Improvement: the "screen" parameter in "XWinSwitches" overloads the existing one instead of being added to the X11 command line
  • Improvement: you can now go to the parent directory in the SSH browser by clicking on the 4th mouse button
  • Improvement: improved compatibility of the terminal with the "tsh" Teleport client
  • Improvement: you can now close a tab by using middle-click on the corresponding top-right popup menu item
  • Improvement: when closing a tab, other remaining tabs are now immediately replaced
  • Bugfix: in MobaDiff, the "Find" dialog theme was incorrect when the dialog was spawned twice on 2 different files
  • Bugfix: when MobaXterm is hidden and an SSH session without a login is launched, the characters in the login prompt are not masked anymore
  • Bugfix: deleted an error message when starting a 64-bit local terminal with the agent enabled and an RSA key present in the home directory
  • Bugfix: prevented renaming of a sessions folder when dragging a session over that folder
  • Bugfix: there was an overlap issue when the Home tab was set to be replaced when starting a terminal and the tabs were set to be opened beside the current tab
  • Bugfix: when a local WSL terminal was launched just after a WSL session containing a command, the shell command was executed in the local WSL terminal
  • Bugfix: under some specific circumstances, the passphrase for SSH keys was asked twice in 64-bit mode