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Preview version 21.3_Preview1 (2021-07-11) changelog:

  • New feature: added a new "Read-only" feature in the terminal right-click menu
  • Improvement: added the ability to compare text files directly from the SSH browser, SFTP, FTP, and S3 sessions
  • Improvement: removed the vertical tab titles (use the "Toggle sidebar title" menu option to modify this)
  • Improvement: added an inline message after RDP disconnection with a "Reconnect" button
  • Improvement: improved buttons painting speed by using full caching
  • Improvement: improved the graphical interface by removing unused borders and by improving elements alignment
  • Improvement: added a setting for choosing light or dark theme for MobaXterm graphical interface
  • Improvement: added a setting for choosing the style of tabs on the left (with or without titles)
  • Improvement: improved OpenSSH terminal commands speed
  • Improvement: MobaTextEditor "Find" feature now searches from the current position
  • Improvement: you can select a word in MobaTextEditor and hit "F3" to quickly find other occurrences of this pattern
  • Improvement: improved the files/folders comparison tools with several ergonomics enhancements
  • Improvement: added many keyboard shortcuts (especially Alt+arrows) to the TextDiff tool
  • Improvement: added automatic detection of folders changes in the FoldersDiff tool
  • Improvement: allowed browsing in FoldersDiff tool and easily show diffs between files from there
  • Improvement: the lines that contain differences are now clearly highlighted in TextDiff and FoldersDiff
  • Improvement: the format of text files (Dos, Unix, or Mac) is now automatically recognized in the TextDiff tool
  • Improvement: increased the width of the paste confirmation dialog for better compatibility with Wine under MacOS and Linux
  • Improvement: removed the "CygwinPort" packages option in the MobApt package manager
  • Improvement: replaced the "CWD" operation with "NOOP" in the FTP client for better compatibility with old FTP servers
  • Improvement: do not attempt GSSAPI key exchange anymore when GSSAPI setting is unchecked
  • Improvement: eliminated flickering when starting FTP, SFTP, and S3 sessions
  • Improvement: removed a spurious "Unbound variable" error message when using "set -u" into bash
  • Improvement: increased switching speed between standard Windows light theme and standard Windows dark theme
  • Improvement: added detection of Unix symlinks in FTP sessions with ProFTPD server, whether the "UseSlink" directive is on or off
  • Improvement: better detection of server messages encoded in UTF-8 for FTP sessions
  • Improvement: better detection of UTF-8 encoding when showing sessions tooltips
  • Improvement: better detection of potential FTP disconnections during file transfers
  • Improvement: removed the doted focus rectangle on focused buttons with the light theme
  • Improvement: removed the glowing effect when the mouse hovers a title menu entry that is not selectable
  • Bugfix: in dark mode, the "Services" window title bar was white
  • Bugfix: prevented top toolbar buttons from overlapping each other when the main window width was too small to display all buttons
  • Bugfix: the "MobApt" package manager was not properly updated using ZSH (64 bits) mode
  • Bugfix: fixed some potential issues when editing several files at once from the SSH browser in SCP mode
  • Bugfix: fixed an error when launching the "rxvt" or "xterm" commands from the portable version of MobaXterm
  • Bugfix: prevented the scrollbar in the macros sidebar to appear when there was no need for it