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Preview version 20.1_Preview1 (2020-02-21) changelog:

  • Improvement: fixed some slowness issues when a stored SSH key is located on a network share that no more exists
  • Improvement: SSH connections to inconsistent servers that send improper SSH signature are tried in SSHv2 by default
  • Improvement: added some more supported screen resolutions for RDP sessions
  • Improvement: use a light color by default in Powershell sessions for command line switches, in order to make them more readable
  • Bugfix: a master password was requested at each startup when passwords were stored in MobaXterm whereas the option to store passwords was set to "never"
  • Bugfix: fixed the display of serial (COM) sessions speed which could be wrong when switching between different sessions with different speeds
  • Bugfix: fixed a typo in the master password window ("loose" instead of "lose")
  • Bugfix: fixed a connection issue with SSH keys, when inconsistent passphrase was stored into MobaXterm