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Preview version 21.1_Preview3 (2021-04-10) changelog:

  • Improvement: you can now select a custom log file name with several variables available
  • Improvement: enhanced syntax highlighting speed, the terminal is now 16x faster when processing colored patterns
  • Improvement: added basic SSH certificate support, you can now define a CA-signed OpenSSH user key in your SSH sessions
  • Improvement: enhanced overall terminal rendering speed and decreased CPU consumption when refreshing, especially on High DPI monitors
  • Improvement: better support for mouse "infinite scrolling mode" into terminals
  • Improvement: decreased the SSH connection time, especially when using private keys with more than 2048 bits
  • Improvement: support for ECDSA private keys with "aes-256-ctr" cipher in "OpenSSH_v2" format into SFTP sessions
  • Improvement: support for RSA private keys with a passphrase in "OpenSSH_v2" format into SFTP sessions
  • Improvement: it is now possible to clear the startup folder of a WSL session that had been previously chosen
  • Improvement: when remote monitoring items are disabled, the remote command is adjusted accordingly
  • Improvement: better detection of any process which is running from outside the slash folder
  • Improvement: disabled background color changes in the terminal when special UTF-8 characters were used
  • Improvement: better detection of the previous running sessions when clicking on the "Recover previous sessions" button
  • Improvement: when shared sessions are defined, the "Sessions" top button now expands all sessions folders accordingly
  • Bugfix: the remote monitoring was incomplete when there were too many entries into the server output of "netstat" command
  • Bugfix: when duplicating a session that uses an SSH jump host, the duplicated session will not close anymore after the initial session is closed
  • Bugfix: prevented the SSH sessions to try to use Pageant keys when MobAgent and Pageant were disabled in global settings
  • Bugfix: prevented the "View log file" button text to be wrapped onto 2 lines
  • Bugfix: prevented MobaXterm from removing the "COM" pattern when using serial console sessions with named pipes
  • Bugfix: fixed a potential issue with the remote permissions editor when the remote ls command displays permissions in an unusual format
  • Bugfix: in case a terminal line was wrapped exactly at the beginning of a highlighted word, the syntax highlighting was disabled in the lines below
  • Bugfix: the "Recover previous sessions" button used to start only one session when the "Home tab is replaced" setting was checked
  • Bugfix: fixed SSH and WSL banners that wrongly identified MobaXterm Personal Edition as being "Professional" edition
  • Bugfix: the output of "ls" command on some system was blue on green background for folders with 777 permissions, so it was hardly readable