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Preview version 23.5_Preview2 (2023-11-22) changelog:

  • Improvement: updated the SSH and terminal emulator engine with the latest improvements from the PuTTY project
  • Improvement: added support for SSH MAC algorithm "hmac-sha2-512"
  • Improvement: updated Toybox to the latest version in the 64-bit terminal environment
  • Improvement: added some new embedded commands in the 64-bit local terminal: file, getopt, hexdump, iconv, sha256sum, sha512sum
  • Improvement: upgraded OpenSSL to version 3.0 in the 64-bit local terminal environment
  • Improvement: improved the speed of the "apt" command in the 64-bit local terminal environment
  • Improvement: updated all the packages available through the "apt" command in the 64-bit local terminal environment
  • Improvement: the MobApt package manager displays a prompt to allow the local terminal to be switched to 64-bit
  • Improvement: better detection of small changes in "MobaTextDiff" graphical diff and merge tool
  • Improvement: added a check for empty file names in the SSH browser, before removing color sequences
  • Improvement: improved completion of plugin names in the new "apt plugin" command
  • Improvement: many new packages are now available in the "apt plugin" command
  • Improvement: improved conversion of Unix to Dos files paths for "ldd" and "open" commands
  • Improvement: better detection of the proper monitor for terminal popup messages placement
  • Improvement: updated the embedded X11 server based on Xorg to version 21.1.8
  • Improvement: added a way to disable SSH, Serial, Browser, Shell, and WSL sessions in the Professional Customizer
  • Improvement: added syntax highlighting for Cmake files in the MobaTextEditor and MobaTextDiff
  • Improvement: modified the mechanism used for 64-bit binaries located in a read-only folder
  • Bugfix: prevented the command line SSH client from breaking the tty when exiting on error
  • Bugfix: the basic telnet server used to freeze a few seconds during client disconnection