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Preview version 21.4_Preview2 (2021-09-22) changelog:

  • New feature: you can now directly edit text files using MobaTextEditor by right-clicking on the files in Windows Explorer
  • New feature: you can now directly compare text files or folders using MobaDiff by right-clicking on the files/folders in Windows Explorer
  • Improvement: you can edit Windows right-click menu entries from MobaXterm global settings
  • Improvement: automatic detection of Windows ransomware protection in order to set MobaXterm working directory accordingly
  • Improvement: changed some icons of the graphical interface for better legibility
  • Improvement: enhanced the documentation and added a navigation bar for better browsing
  • Improvement: improved live screenshots creation for inline documentation
  • Improvement: automatic creation of log file output folder when it does not exist
  • Improvement: added a way to select the "Local Applications Data" folder in the Customizer as the default user profile directory
  • Bugfix: the "Log filename format" tooltip was not properly printed (the ampersand was not visible in the variables names)