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Preview version 20.3_Preview4 (2020-06-23) changelog:

  • New feature: a new keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+SPACE by default) allows you to quickly choose and run a macro directly from the terminal
  • New feature: you can now define multiple SSH jump hosts (or SSH "gateways") for SSH, Telnet, VNC and RDP sessions
  • Improvement: default syntax highlighting definition for terminals (local or remote) has been greatly improved with enhanced support for shell scripts and network devices
  • Improvement: added dark mode to MobaTextEditor
  • Improvement: macros are now encrypted using your Master Password, in order to keep sensitive information confidential
  • Improvement: added a way to set a named pipe instead of a real COM port in Serial sessions (useful for connecting to virtual COM ports)
  • Improvement: added an experimental setting in browser sessions in order to choose "Firefox" or "Chrome" browser engines
  • Improvement: improved detection of running MobaXterm sub-processes in order to increase startup speed
  • Improvement: decreased embedded resources size by compressing them with a better algorithm
  • Improvement: options set in MobaTextEditor are now remembered after MobaXterm restart
  • Improvement: added a new syntax for log files in MobaTextEditor
  • Improvement: MobaTextEditor window size and position is properly reset if a change in monitors configuration is detected
  • Improvement: when recording a macro, if you paste some text, it is now recorded into the macro
  • Improvement: better support for "docker" with bash completion, automatic terminal and DISPLAY setting
  • Improvement: better support for kubernetes "kubectl" command when run from local terminal
  • Improvement: added a link to the "winpty" tool, which allows running commands in "DOS-mode"
  • Improvement: the "Use Windows PATH" and "Use icons cache" options are now set by default
  • Improvement: added 2 new fun terminal games, soliterm and termwalk
  • Improvement: increased speed of shared sessions refresh
  • Improvement: improved SCP transfer speed by disabling compression when the file to be transferred is already compressed
  • Improvement: increased stored credentials retrieval speed, which leads to faster SSH authentication
  • Improvement:
  • Improvement: added some more information to the hint which is displayed when the mouse cursor is over a session
  • Improvement: when a SSH connection is made on a disabled tab, automatic switch to this tab after successful SSH connection is now disabled
  • Improvement: added more information like stack trace into MobaXterm log file in case of unhandled exception
  • Improvement: when you start a Windows command in ZSH (64 bits) shell (e.g. ping or ipconfig), special characters are now properly displayed
  • Improvement: you can now start PowerShell 7 from the local terminal by typing the "pwsh" command if you have it in your Windows PATH
  • Improvement: in CMD sessions, the Ctrl+C character is no more displayed in the terminal
  • Improvement: user keyboard shortcuts are now displayed in terminal right-click menu
  • Improvement: removed executable link to the deprecated Windows library "version.dll"
  • Improvement: autodetection of buggy SSH servers which send inconsistent ED25519 hostkey signatures and automatically switch to RSA hostkey
  • Improvement: changed executable SHA1 signature algorithm to dual signature (SHA1 / SHA256)
  • Improvement: improved some icons for better compatibility High-DPI monitors
  • Improvement: when you launch PowerShell from within MobaXterm terminal, the keyboard and colors configuration are automatically set
  • Bugfix: fixed some connections errors when using an SSH jump host to connect to an IPv6 SSH server
  • Bugfix: fixed a potential issue when checking the "Remember me" setting in the Master Password dialog box
  • Bugfix: when the "cache icons" setting was enabled, icons colors were not changed when modifying black intensity in dark mode
  • Bugfix: syntax highlighting was disabled on the first visible line of the terminal
  • Bugfix: free memory earlier after unpacking resources (instead of waiting for the end of the whole unpacking process)
  • Bugfix: when you close a popup window using Escape key, the key sequence is no more transferred to the terminal
  • Bugfix: fixed issues during folders conversions to "CurrentPath" or "MyDocuments" folders
  • Bugfix: the title bar was white when dark mode was activated on latest Windows 10 update of May 2020