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Preview version 24.2_Preview1 (2024-05-03) changelog:

  • New feature: added a new "Expert RDP settings" window where you can set advanced settings for your RDP connection
  • Improvement: moved the RDP CredSSP setting to the "Expert RDP settings" window
  • Improvement: moved the RDP gateway setting to the "Expert RDP settings" window
  • Improvement: you can now specify a different login for the RDP gateway and the session itself
  • Improvement: you can set the RDP gateway authentication to use a smartcard
  • Improvement: added the "Restricted Admin" feature to RDP sessions
  • Improvement: added the "Remote Credentials Guard" feature to RDP sessions
  • Improvement: the new "Multi-monitors" setting in RDP sessions allows you to expand the remote desktop to all your local monitors
  • Improvement: you can now auto-detect RDP bandwidth to adapt remote graphics level accordingly
  • Improvement: added an option that allows to put any tab in fullscreen across all available monitors
  • Improvement: you can now use a web account to connect to RDP sessions (useful for Azure Virtual Desktop)
  • Improvement: you can now set the "automatic reconnection" RDP feature
  • Improvement: you can now tune the graphics settings for each RDP session
  • Improvement: removed the "High DPI adaptation for legacy servers" feature, and replaced it with the "Zoom" feature
  • Improvement: better detection of the current monitor when launching the "Find" window from MobaTextEditor
  • Bugfix: fixed a graphic glitch when switching a browser session from a high DPI monitor to a low DPI monitor