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Preview version 22.1_Preview5 (2022-06-07) changelog:

  • New feature: you can now activate font ligatures from MobaXterm font settings or from the terminal contextual menu
  • New feature: you can now choose between 3 included terminal fonts from MobaXterm font settings or from the terminal contextual menu
  • New feature: you can now activate font ligatures into MobaTextEditor
  • New feature: you can now choose between 3 included fonts for MobaTextEditor
  • New feature: you can now save your proxy passwords in MobaXterm secure vault
  • New feature: you can now add, import, or export the terminal color themes
  • Improvement: improved default terminal font for better readability
  • Improvement: better detection of pending transfers when SSH connections are closed
  • Improvement: make SFTP sessions work even if a remote login script writes some output to the terminal
  • Improvement: improved SCP and SFTP transfer speed by improving hardware-accelerated encryption, especially on AMD Ryzen CPUs
  • Improvement: improved MobaXterm startup and MobaXterm main window activation speed
  • Improvement: better detection of extended characters for password storage and SSH authentication
  • Improvement: upgraded the terminal engine to the latest PuTTY release
  • Improvement: added a new "Monochrome" colors scheme, for users who do not want colors in their terminal
  • Improvement: added a new "Local" proxy type that allows specifying an arbitrary command on the local machine to act as a proxy
  • Improvement: added detection and storage for local proxy passwords
  • Improvement: cleaned up the terminal settings section for better readability
  • Improvement: better detection of available RAM in the remote monitoring bar by using the recent "MemAvailable" Linux kernel entry
  • Improvement: the text files encoding is set to ANSI by default when opening them in MobaTextEditor
  • Improvement: the "Adapt remote DPI" setting is now faster and does not require the live creation of a specific executable
  • Improvement: transfers using Z-modem do not output the transferred file to the terminal anymore
  • Improvement: improved speed of the "Find existing session" feature of the home page
  • Improvement: added the ability to use a SOCKS5 or HTTP proxy for localhost connections
  • Improvement: the content of the "Quick Connect" field is automatically copied if you start a new session
  • Improvement: decreased MobaXterm memory usage, especially when a "Persistent Slash directory" is set
  • Improvement: you can now send Alt+Tab through the new VNC engine by pressing "Alt+PageDown"
  • Improvement: renamed the "Use smartcard for login" RDP option to "Native authentication"
  • Improvement: added a submenu called "Import sessions from external programs" in the sessions tree
  • Improvement: support for "Diff/Patch" syntax highlighting added to MobaTextEditor and MobaDiff
  • Improvement: if your SSH authentication uses an ECDSA, ED25519, or RSA-SHA2 key, the SSH-browser can now use the SFTP protocol
  • Improvement: you can now trust and store multiple host keys for the same hostname or IP address (it can be useful for load-balancing)
  • Bugfix: the version number was partly hidden at the bottom of the splash screen when the Windows DPI value was "150"
  • Bugfix: in the SSH browser, the permissions of an edited file were sometimes lost when the "Preserve files dates" setting was checked
  • Bugfix: fixed an issue with a PyCharm popup window that immediately disappeared after calling it with Ctrl+F12
  • Bugfix: fixed an error with the X11 server when the "Xfixes" extension was disabled
  • Bugfix: removed some potential "Access denied" messages from the Remote monitoring module
  • Bugfix: fixed an issue with the X11 server blocking the arrow keys in Matlab command window history
  • Bugfix: when 3 sessions are selected in the sessions tree, the selection is no longer cleared when you click on one of them
  • Bugfix: when selecting files in the SSH-browser, the selection is refreshed when you change the browser sort order
  • Bugfix: proxy passwords in SSH tunnels were incorrectly decrypted and sometimes asked twice at tunnel startup
  • Bugfix: prevented a startup failure when the Slash directory was set to a folder called "MobaXterm" in the root of a partition
  • Bugfix: prevented issues with SFTP sessions authentication when many different SSH keys were used for previous connections