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Preview version 23.0_Preview2 (2023-01-24) changelog:

  • Improvement: added a new web browser engine based on Microsoft Edge WebView
  • Improvement: added a new RDP "Zoom" feature that allows you to specify a Zoom level for your remote RDP session
  • Improvement: added a new RDP setting "Authentication level" that is useful when you use RDP over SSL
  • Improvement: added a new RDP setting "Color depth" in order to specify the desired color depth on the client side
  • Improvement: added a new RDP setting "Redirect smartcards" that allows using local smartcards on the server side, even for authentication
  • Improvement: arranged RDP advanced settings in a more convenient fashion
  • Improvement: added proxy support in browser sessions based on Edge/WebView
  • Improvement: the VNC sessions now use the new VNC engine by default
  • Improvement: increased the width of port fields for better reading of port numbers greater than 9999
  • Improvement: added a new setting in the professional Customizer program to disable the Remote Monitoring feature
  • Improvement: it is now possible to select a 64-bit terminal from the Customizer program
  • Improvement: the plugins are now unpacked after installation when the Slash directory is set to the "Program Files" folder
  • Improvement: you can now include 64-bit plugins in MobaXterm Customizer
  • Bugfix: fixed an issue with the SSH command line client when a jump host was set and the Slash directory was set to the "Program Files" folder
  • Bugfix: fixed a potential crash on VNC sessions when the new embedded engine and an SSH gateway were set
  • Bugfix: the local terminal setting was not properly restored when importing an old customization file into the Customizer program
  • Bugfix: fixed the OpenSSH daemon start-up when the slash directory was set to "same as application" in the customizer
  • Bugfix: fixed Unicode characters display in the SSH key sessions fields
  • Bugfix: fixed Unicode characters display in the start-up folder sessions fields
  • Bugfix: fixed Unicode characters display in the persistent Home and persistent Slash folders fields