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If you use MobaXterm inside your company, you should consider subscribing to MobaXterm Professional Edition: your subscription will give you access to our professional support and to our "Customizer" software. This customizer will allow you to generate personalized versions of MobaXterm including your own logo, your default settings and your welcome message. We can even add some new options, Unix commands or some predefined bookmarks in order to suit your needs.
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Version 7.2 (2014-08-04)
  • New feature: Added "MobApt", a new package manager based on the great "apt-cyg" tool, for automatic installation of Cygwin utilities through internet.
  • New feature: Added CRON service and "crontab" tool
  • New feature: You can now specify a persistent root folder ("/"). This is especially useful if you want to install packages using "MobApt" and you want to keep them across MobaXterm restarts.
  • New feature: You can now specify an INI file using the "-i" commandline parameter. You can use a local path (C:\some\place\MobaXterm.ini), a network share (\\MyServer\shared\MobaXterm.ini) or an URL (http://mywebserver/MyConfigFile.ini)
  • Improvement: Multi-selection is now enabled in sessions tree.
  • Bugfix: Reconnection message window height has been increased
  • Bugfix: the clipboard is no longer flushed when trying to find text in the terminal
  • Improvement: Added RDP gateway feature in RDP sessions
  • Improvement: Cygwin library has been updated to latest version (1.7.31)
  • Improvement: Default tab size has been increased for high-DPI monitors
  • Bugfix: Tab title was not correctly updated when connecting to SSH with the SFTP browser disabled
  • Improvement: New variables are now available for folders selection (for logs folder, home directory, INI file folder, ...): %CurrentFolder%, %CurrentDrive%, %UserDir%, %UserName%, %ComputerName%, %TempDir%, %DesktopDir%, %ProfileDir%.
  • Bugfix: SSH tunnels are now started one by one to prevent compatibility issues between tunnels
  • Improvement: Configuration settings have been sorted by categories
  • Improvement: FTP is now automatically reconnected after server disconnection or timeout
  • Improvement: You can now specify the persistent HOME (/home/mobaxterm) and SLASH (/) folder paths in MobaXterm customizer
  • Improvement: You can now specify the default text editor in MobaXterm customizer
  • Improvement: Updated busybox to version 1.22.1
  • Bugfix: the "pipe" key was not recorded into macros with French and German keyboards
  • Improvement: Tried to implement a workaround for the GbpSv rootkit which kills MobaXterm randomly on Brazilian computers
  • Improvement: Added the "sshpass" tool for ssh sessions automation
  • Improvement: Hitting "Esc" now closes dialog boxes
  • Improvement: SFTP browser now follows symbolic links
  • Bugfix: the "new folder", "new file" and "rename" dialog windows were sometimes hidden behind main MobaXterm window
  • Improvement: Telnet sessions can now be tunneled through SSH


Version 7.1 (2014-04-12)
  • Feature addition: Added a new (experimental) MOSH session type
  • Feature addition: Added a new (experimental) BROWSER session type
  • Security fix: Updated OpenSSL library to 1.0.1g (for "Heartbleed Bug" correction)
  • Improvement: Added a SSH setting in order to prevent "connection reset by peer" error with old SSH servers
  • Improvement: Added SOCKS/WEB proxy support in SSH tunnels
  • Improvement: It is now possible to hide the "Quick connect" bar when sidebar is disabled
  • Improvement: "SSH keepalive" setting has been disabled by default
  • Improvement: RDP connection resolution is no longer cropped in order to fit into the terminal
  • Bugfix: SSH using Kerberos authentication did not work correctly when SFTP browser was enabled
  • Bugfix: XDMCP sessions were sometimes not closed correctly
  • Bugfix: MobaTextEditor now remembers correctly its main window size and position
  • Bugfix: "grep" command was sometimes not working when invoked from a script after MobaXterm startup
  • Bugfix: sorting by dates in FTP sessions now works correctly
  • Improvement: SSH ECDSA keys are now correctly handled by MobaXterm
  • Bugfix: Dialog windows can no more be hidden behind MobaXterm main window
  • Bugfix: MobaXterm now handles correctly Windows usernames with SPACE characters
  • Bugfix: Files owners and groups are now correctly displayed in FTP sessions
  • Bugfix: In some particular environments, sessions were not correctly ordered in main menu
  • Bugfix: X server had troubles starting with some keyboard models
  • Bugfix: a problem with an increasing number of GDI handles has been fixed
  • Improvement: when sessions edition is disabled in the Customizer, PuTTY and SCRT sessions are not imported anymore
  • Bugfix: in some particular environments, an exception was raised when closing the last tab of MobaXterm
  • Improvement: sidebar has now a minimum width
  • Bugfix: in FTP sessions, hitting "Cancel" during a file transfer does not disconnect the FTP session anymore
  • Bugfix: Escape sequence for telnet should now be handled by MobaXterm
  • Improvement: MobaXterm font size is now adjusted automatically on high resolution monitors
  • Improvement: Each time MobaXterm configuration file is updated, a backup file is now created in the "MobaXterm" archive. This can be disabled in MobaXterm settings window.


Version 7.0 (2014-02-18)
  • Improvement: MobaXterm graphical interface has been reworked (removed useless widgets, re-organized functions) in order to make it cleaner and easier to use
  • Improvement: Chinese, Japanese and Korean keyboard are now fully managed using Input Method Editor (IME)
  • Feature addition: The left sidebar can now be automatically shown/hidden by overlapping terminal, without resizing it
  • Feature addition: A new "network scanner" tool allows you to search for computers in your network with listening services (can be disabled in PRO edition)
  • Feature addition: A new "ports scanner" tool allows you to scan a computer in order to list open ports (can be disabled in PRO edition)
  • Bugfix: Permission problems on SSH keys on Windows 8/8.1 have been fixed
  • Feature addition: You can now specify terminal colors in global settings or per session
  • Bugfix: Removed unwanted delay when changing from a tab to another one with an active SSH session and inactive SFTP
  • Improvement: Changed terminal default charset to UTF-8 for better compatibility (you can change back to ISO-8859-1 in order to restore old charset behavior)
  • Improvement: You can now specify a default login name for SSH sessions
  • Improvement: SFTP upload speed is now 8 times faster on recent OpenSSH servers
  • Feature addition: you can now specify a local folder for FTP and SFTP sessions
  • Improvement: Updated X server to version 1.14.5 (some small fixes, especially for copy/paste operations)
  • Bugfix: in SSH sessions, when a command was specified and the SFTP browser was enabled, it was not displayed
  • Feature addition: A new "Quick connect" bar has been added in order to launch your saved sessions easily
  • Bugfix: corrected a terminal problem on Windows 8.1 which resulted in a hidden cursor after resizing window
  • Improvement: FTP passwords can now be saved
  • Bugfix: Using FTP session, some files were incorrectly detected as "character devices" and thus were not editable
  • Bugfix: Using FTP or SFTP sessions, some files were incorrectly detected as DOS/UNIX/MAC format in MobaTextEditor
  • Improvement: After performing a "find" command in the terminal, the clipboard is now flushed
  • Bugfix: In some very particular cases, the master password was asked although no master password was set
  • Improvement: On the SFTP browser frame, the tooltip is now displayed after a short delay
  • Bugfix: When password saving function had been disabled in the customizer (PRO edition), SSH gateway was not working correctly
  • Improvement: COM ports are no longer tested at startup in order to increase startup speed
  • Feature addition: 3 new X server modes available: these modes allow you to launch a transparent X server with window borders from fvwm, or even the full fvwm desktop
  • Bugfix: The "follow SSH folder" feature did not work on old Solaris remote connections
  • Bugfix: On German keyboard, AltGr+A now works correctly
  • Improvement: Automatically set the correct charset for DOS commands (ipconfig, ping, ...)
  • Improvement: Automatically set the correct charset for CMD sessions
  • Improvement: Changed default sessions name


Version 6.6 (2013-11-11)
  • Improved SFTP browser (increased performance, added new CTR cipher, automatic reconnection on session lost)
  • Improved RDP sessions by putting each RDP tab in a separate process
  • Added Pageant support (Settings --> Configuration --> SSH tab --> Use Pageant)
  • Added dynamic SSH tunnels (this allows you to easily run SOCKS proxy!)
  • When session logs are enabled, 2 files are now created: "<filename>.log" will contain everything that was typed into the terminal (including special characters and escape sequences) and "<filename>.txt" will contain only printable output
  • Improved SSH gateway connections (increased performances, added new CTR cipher, automatic reconnection on session lost)
  • Improved SSH tunnel connections (increased performances, added new CTR cipher, automatic reconnection on session lost)
  • Corrected some small RDP focus bugs (especially with RDP sessions contained in detached windows)
  • SFTP operations have been made asynchronous in order not to block other MobaXterm features when establishing SFTP connection, downloading file or changing directory
  • Improved MobaTextEditor sessions by putting each MobaTextEditor tab in a separate process
  • SFTP file dates are now displayed using local time and not GMT time
  • Added ASCII mode support for SFTP sessions
  • Corrected a bug: ssh-agent and ssh-pageant were not correctly restarted if MobaXterm process was killed before
  • Added keyboard interactive authentication for SFTP browser
  • Disabled "Follow SSH path" feature when SFTP browser is inactive
  • MobaXterm now preserves directory structure when importing Scrt sessions
  • Corrected a bug: when closing a tab with confirmation message disabled, in some cases the close button did not work at first time
  • Removed user name from MobaXterm temp directory so that firewall rules for X11 server could be set up easily (in order to allow X11 server, add program "%tempfolder%\MobaXterm%Version%\bin\XWin.exe" to the firewall whitelist)
  • Improved ergonomics of settings tabs
  • SFTP browser now displays useful hints when mouse cursor is over a remote file
  • Corrected a bug: when downloading files using the SFTP browser, empty directory were not downloaded
  • Auto-detect FVWM2 version (if you are using FVWM2 plugin, this version is automatically selected)
  • Added commandline parameter "-noX" for disabling X server at startup
  • Added "Connect as..." right-click option on sessions
  • Modified default shortcuts for "Find" (Ctrl+Alt+F) and "Find next" (Ctrl+F3)
  • Updated documentation (New articles added in the FAQ section)
  • Added "disable tools" setting in the customizer
  • Added "disable macros" setting in the customizer
  • Added "force access control" setting in the customizer
  • Added macros import/export feature
  • Added names for SSH tunnels
  • Added new setting for X11 clipboard "disable copy-on-select": this setting prevents X11 clipboard from crashing when displaying some buggy applications
  • Added new menu entry "Take a screenshot"
  • Added new menu entry "View log file"
  • Added new RDP setting "enable/disable clipboard redirection"
  • Added private key setting for SFTP sessions
  • Several cosmetic bugs corrected
  • Added sorting feature for local browser in SFTP and FTP sessions
  • Added a new option for saving a session to a file. Double-clicking on this file on another computer will allow you to launch the session.
  • Added ASCII mode support for FTP sessions
  • Added proxy support for FTP sessions
  • Added FTPS support (FTP over SSL) for FTP sessions
  • Updated Nc and Connect tools in order to allow SSH connections over SOCKS/HTTP proxies
  • Added SOCKS/HTTP/Telnet proxy capabilities for SSH sessions (with SFTP browser!)


Version 6.5 (2013-07-25)
  • New (experimental) feature: SFTP browser can now follow SSH terminal PATH: when you perform a "cd /tmp" in your terminal, SFTP browser will list /tmp content
  • The buttons toolbar can now be customized
  • Added vertical tabs: you can show/hide them by right-clicking on the tab bar and choose "Show/hide vertical tabs"
  • Improved terminal speed by copying in TXT format by default (you can still copy with text formatting by using the terminal right-click menu)
  • Corrected a fullscreen problem when using 2 monitors
  • Added the "Ctrl+Shift+Tab" for reverse-cycling into tabs. As usual, this keyboard shortcut can be modified in the "Settings" window
  • Removed "minimize/minimize to tray" menu
  • Added more termcap definitions (vt100, vt200, xterm-256colors, etc...)
  • Corrected some RDP tab closing bugs with slow RDP servers
  • Implemented a more reliable network adapters detection
  • Added the "ifconfig" command
  • Fullscreen mode now displays the top toolbar for 2 seconds before closing it
  • Serial connections can now be made using either minicom or microcom
  • Telnet connecitons can now be made using either standard-telnet or busybox-telnet
  • Updated Xorg to version 1.14.2 (corrected a bug with keyboard input in recent Java graphical applications)
  • Corrected backspace key handling inside terminal when "Unix compatible keyboard" is unchecked
  • Improved startup speed and CPU consumption while MobaXterm is running
  • Added ssh private key connection mode for graphical tunnels
  • Added an option for selecting the local network adapter for SSH tunnels
  • Corrected a bug with XDMCP sessions not being started correctly at second launch


Version 6.3 (2013-05-09)
  • Added new master password feature (secure passwords saving with strong encryption) - PRO EDITION ONLY
  • Added an embedded NFS server
  • Added an embedded VNC server
  • Added a new option to set default text editor
  • Improved serial connections and added some more options by replacing the "microcom" serial client by "minicom"
  • MobaXterm speed has been increased by putting configuration (INI) file parsing in memory
  • Re-enabled aero "glass" effect in the title bar when using "No skin" mode
  • Added new skins
  • Increased SFTP browser speed by increasing default buffer size
  • Corrected a bug: buttons were not placed correctly in some forms with some graphic adapters
  • Added CDE as remote desktop for SSH sessions
  • Added "paste" command
  • Corrected a bug: tab size after detaching is now the same as it was before detaching
  • Corrected some typos in documentation
  • Corrected issues when using 2 SFTP browsers with same SSH gateway
  • Corrected a repainting problem with multi-desktops applications like VirtuaWin or Dexpot
  • Changed embedded telnet client for better compatibility
  • Added a way to launch macros at startup or to create desktop shortcuts for macros
  • Improved tabs controls
  • Added some inline help when mouse hovers components
  • Created a "reset master password" tool that can be downloaded in order to reset a master password
  • Default X11 font path has been set to take new fonts (from font plugins) into account
  • Sessions can now be named using special characters like []
  • Fixed persistent home directory detection when home directory has been set in the customizer
  • Enabled fullscreen and detached tabs transparency
  • Fixed OpenGL acceleration on computers which do not support HW OpenGL: you can uncheck the "HW OpenGL acceleration" from the "Settings" window in order to use safer SW OpenGL acceleration
  • Many minor improvements
  • Improved documentation


Version 6.2 (2013-02-25)
  • Added new advanced tabs with move, detach, pin, rename and scroll features (thanks to the great component TChromeTabs)
  • You can now launch MobaXterm sessions from a web page: this allows Sysadmins to publish shortcuts to pre-defined sessions (SSH, XDMCP, telnet, rlogin, SFTP, FTP, ...) on the company intranet
  • Improved context-sensitive help by adding several tooltips, especially for SSH, RDP and X11 session settings
  • MobaXterm now remembers the last launched session and automatically selects it on startup
  • Added the "ttySxx" device name at microcom startup for easy file transfers using lrzsz
  • Reverted to the previous way of managing SSH passwords and passphrase: the popup asking for password is now only displayed if MobaXterm is started hidden, or if it is needed for the gateway SSH server
  • Added 2 new options for reconnecting or saving session after it stopped
  • Added the "balance" load balancer application
  • The "newtab" command can now take arguments in order to launch commands in the new tab
  • The SFTP browser is no longer launched when using scp, sftp or ssh with a non-interactive command
  • Added a button for importing PuTTY and SCRT sessions
  • Added a new tab menu entry for going fullscreen on the 2nd monitor
  • Corrected Ctrl+Shift+V shortcut for pasting into the terminal
  • Corrected some other keyboard shortcuts (especially Alt+character or Ctrl+character)
  • Corrected non-printable characters in some man pages
  • Corrected a bug: Ssh-agent was not working properly
  • Corrected a bug: rsync did not worked correctly with ssh client
  • Added a new right-click option in SFTP browser for opening files with the default associated program
  • Added new X11 fonts for very big and very small text
  • Added a "check for updates" option in the "About" window


Version 6.1 (2013-01-07)
  • Added new feature: it is now possible to launch a full remote desktop (Gnome, Kde, Lxde, Fvwm2, Openbox, ...) through a SSH secure connection.
  • SSH password prompt is now asked in a popup window in order for SSH connections to work even if MobaXterm is started minimized
  • Added a new "Check for updates" menu entry
  • Added some speed improvements (at startup and during SSH/SFTP transfers) by optimizing program multi-threading
  • Added a simple SSH/SFTP server
  • Added a simple telnet server
  • You can now use PuTTY private keys (PPK files) in SSH sessions
  • Added automatic PuTTY connections importation at MobaXterm startup with automatic conversion of PuTTY private/public key files
  • You can now specify a SSH private key for SSH connection
  • You can now specify a SSH private key for boucing gateway authentication
  • Added GSSAPI (Kerberos5) authentication support (experimental)
  • Corrected passwords saving for connections when using SSH bouncing
  • Added a dropdown sessions list on the right of the sessions tab bar
  • Added a new keyboard shortcut for filtering sessions (Ctrl+S by default)
  • Added a short explanation of plugins creation in the documentation
  • Added a short tutorial in the documentation explaning how to launch MobaXterm from a BATCH script and use advanced command line parameters
  • Added network servers in the "tools" menu
  • Network servers can now be started from the terminal (for instance, you can type: "service ssh restart")
  • Added new options to the right-click menu of the terminal (Search in terminal, Save terminal output, print terminal output, set terminal title, fullscreen, start new macro)
  • Corrected macros hotkeys which did not work in MultiExec mode
  • Corrected a bug: renaming a session by left-clicking on it in the left sidebar now works correctly (new session name was not saved in version 6.0)
  • Added a timestamp to history commands
  • Increased minimum size for tabs
  • Corrected passwords retrieving from configuration file when using MobaXterm on another computer
  • Added new topics in the HowTo and the embedded documentation
  • Corrected a bug: macro recording did not work in MultiExec mode


Version 6.0 (2012-10-11)
  • Added a TFTP server (useful for connecting to network equipments such as routers)
  • Added a FTP server
  • Added a HTTP server with a simple directory browsing feature
  • Added macros support: you can now record a macro (all your keystrokes to the terminal are being saved) or play a saved macro. This can be used for interactive scripting, such as telnet/rlogin passwordless login and automation
  • Added a new search feature inside terminals
  • Fixed a problem with usernames that contain a "." character
  • Removed typespeed game that could cause some freezes
  • Fixed a problem at startup caused by wrong Windows version detection
  • Added a new option for setting terminal type string (vt100, vt220, vt900, xterm, ...)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for playing macros


Version 5.1 (2012-09-11)
  • Corrected serial connection issues with incorrect numbering of COM ports
  • Corrected fullscreen RDP issues with mouse cursor incorrect positions
  • Added quick access settings to the right-click menu on tabs
  • Bug correction: modal dialogs were sometimes disapearing behind MobaXterm main window
  • Corrected "Access violation" bug at MobaXterm startup
  • Corrected ssh-agent bug: when using a domain user, ssh-add was working on 1st tab but not on others
  • Added debug information for bug reports
  • Bug correction: pasting to multiple terminal at once using Ctrl+Shift+Insert
  • Bug correction: session type "local terminal" did not correctly remembered the shell type (bash or cmd)
  • It is now possible to launch sessions from command line again


Version 5.0 (2012-07-17)
  • Added a graphical port forwarding editor called "MobaSSHTunnel": this tool makes it easy for anyone to create SSH tunnels using a graphical tunnel builder
  • Added a quick search field on top of the save sessions list in order to quickly find a session using a short pattern
  • Added an option for enabling/disabling the SFTP browser
  • Added the FVWM2 window manager in the tools list and as an X11 parameter in the settings window
  • Added a new "MobaWMIRequest" commandline tool for executing WMI request and print output into MobaXterm (e.g. you can try to run the following command: MobaWMIRequest "SELECT * FROM Win32_BaseBoard")
  • Bug correction: when using the "TCPCapture" packet capture tool, priviledges are automatically detected and TCPCapture asks user for higher priviledges if necessary
  • The "Esc" key was incorrectly used for leaving fullscreen mode, even when another shortcut key was defined
  • With some screen configuration, MobaXterm default placement was not correctly centered
  • Improved settings window with a tabbed interface
  • Bug correction: When a modal dialog window was opened (Settings, or Session Settings), Windows did not display MobaXterm in the list of running apps (Alt-Tab)
  • Bug correction: Modal dialog boxes were sometimes disappearing under the main window
  • Added the "bc" command line calculator
  • The default for "multimonitors" option has been set to "checked" in order to avoid issues with X11 programs on 2nd monitor
  • The "Cursor type" label was invisible in the Settings section
  • Bug correction: an error message was sometimes displayed when closing the application
  • Improved the consolesaver performances on slow computers
  • Improved startup speed by loading sessions into memory before reading them from the INI file.
  • Added an option for enabling/disabling SSH "ServerAlive" setting (this setting is useful for keeping SSH connections persistent)
  • Added the ability to use SmartCards authentication with RDP client
  • Added an undocumented INI parameter for specifying the TEMP directory for MobaXterm files: "MobaTempDir" (into "Misc" section)
  • Added an undocumented commandline parameter for starting MobaXterm in a pre-defined directory: "-openfolder"
  • Updated OpenSSL to version 0.9.8x (security issues fixed)
  • Updated bash to version 4.1.10 (fixed some random STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION issues)
  • Improved embedded documentation and added a helpful F.A.Q. section
  • Added a new option in "Settings window", "Misc" which allows you to put a "Start MobaXterm here" entry to the right-click menu of folders inside Windows explorer
  • Added UTF-8 printing capabilities in the terminal: you can now configure your chaset to UTF-8 for printing non-English characters (e.g. Korean) and perform the "ls" command: it will show you the correct file names.
  • Added new options for enabling/disabling X11 extensions (advanced users only)
  • Added a new option for starting the X server in a container window. This can be useful for starting a full desktop in the X server (e.g. ssh myserver "gnome-session")
  • Added the "newtab" command for launching a new tab from within terminal
  • Added an new option for choosing the screen you want to run X11 server on
  • Added a new Ssh option "prompt for username" in order to act like PuTTY by default (prompt for login at ssh connection)
  • Improved rxvt/xterm keypad handling: now the keyboard numeric keys are handled correctly inside rxvt
  • Bug correction: MobaXterm startup was freezing on some configurations with huge number of users or groups
  • Bug corrected with RDP not saving passwords correctly
  • SSH connection to Ericsson RedBack Routers has been corrected
  • New syntax highlighting language in MobaTextEditor added: Cisco IOS
  • It is now possible to set the X11 display offset for opening X11 server on another display than :0


Version 4.5 (2012-05-02)
  • New feature added: you can now "detach" any MobaXterm tab to an independant window. This window can be "pinned" in order to stay always on top of all other windows or to be displayed in "real" fullscreen (without displaying the task bar or title bar)
  • Improved startup speed when using plugins: first time you start MobaXterm, a plugin index is created (file "MobaXterm.idx"). This speeds up MobaXterm plugins enumeration at startup
  • You can now open an X11 tab. This allows X11 windows to be displayed into a single MobaXterm tab instead of being displayed outside MobaXterm, thanks to the powerful DWM window manager. This is also a replacement for the old Openbox feature that had disapeared since v4.0
  • XDMCP sessions are now displayed into a MobaXterm tab: XDMCP windows are now managed as a standard MobaXterm tab. If you want to display your Xdmcp sessions outside MobaXterm, you can still "detach" the corresponding tab
  • New session settings for starting in normal tab, detached tab, maximized detached tab or fullscreen
  • RDP features have been added such as full NLA protocol compliance, an improved toolbar and a new fullscreen mode
  • Added tab title "hints" displayed when mouse goes over a tab whose name is truncated
  • Corrected a bug when switching to "no skin" mode: in some cases, the new skin setting was not correctly saved
  • Corrected a bug with the "chmod" and "chown" commands not setting file access permissions correctly. This also solves an old bug with "ls -al" not displaying the correct permissions on some filesystems.
  • Corrected a RDP focus bug
  • Added basic SSH command completion (based on known hosts and users list)
  • New setting for saving passwords to MobaXterm ini file and transfer previously saved passwords to the INI file (useful for transferring passwords from a computer to another)
  • Corrected bugs when connecting to switch and router equipments using SSH
  • Corrected a bug with terminal that did not render fonts correctly in some special cases and displayed only pink wide lines with nothing else written (this one was hard to find...)
  • Improved fonts detection and choice: now the default MobaXterm font is not unpacked anymore before use, it is mapped in memory
  • The X11 server now shows its DISPLAY as a small hint when you put the mouse cursor over the green "X" button
  • Corrected a "File access denied" message that was displayed at MobaXterm startup when MobaXterm was previously started with admin priviledges
  • Corrected a bug that occured at MobaXterm startup, when program was updated from a version older than v3.2
  • Terminal logging can now be configured per session
  • New keyboard shortcut for cycling through tabs (Ctrl+TAB by default)
  • New "Duplicate tab" option
  • Added a new command line option "-exec" for executing a command into MobaXterm bash shell (you can call for instance MobaXterm.exe -exec "date; sleep 1; echo 'This is a test'; echo 'Press any key to exit MobaXterm'; read i")
  • PRO EDITION ONLY: Added a new button for showing stored passwords
  • PRO EDITION ONLY: Added a new button for exporting stored passwords to a text file


Version 4.4 (2012-03-19)
  • Increased start up speed, especially when using an antivirus (start up duration 12s --> 5s on a 4 years old computer)
  • Added automatic RDP over SSH capabilities
  • Added automatic VNC over SSH capabilities
  • Added a new option for working with SSH gateway server (use an intermediate SSH server in order to reach the desired server)
  • Added an option for launching a remote command when starting an SSH session without exiting this session when the command finishes
  • RDP update for dealing with NLA security protocol (for Windows 2008 server compatibility)
  • New RDP option "redirect audio"
  • Improved RDP automatic password saving that did not work with very slow connections
  • Improved RDP console connections detection on XP SP3 and higher (switched to the "ConnectToAdministerServer" RDP option instead of "ConnectToServerConsole")
  • Corrected a bug: when one changed the name of a tab and pressed ENTER, the tab name was effectively changed but the active terminal also interpreted the ENTER command
  • New commands: "ssh-copy-id" (copy your SSH public keys to remote servers for passwordless authentication) and "Rainbowizer"
  • MobaXterm is now fully compatible with Windows 8 Consumer Preview


Version 4.2 (2012-01-23)
  • Plugin libraries are now rebased on-the-fly in order to avoid some occasional errors inside bash
  • Focus issues with VNC and RDP have been fixed
  • New command added: "clearall" (Clears all screen but also the scrollback buffer)
  • Disabled the TTY allocation by default for SSH connections
  • Corrected a bug: when saving the output from a terminal in RTF format, the last lines were occasionally missing
  • When you double-click on a session bookmark, the keyboard focus is automatically set to the new terminal
  • SSH manpage has been corrected (the minus character was missing)
  • OpenSSL has been updated to version 0.9.8t (several vulnerabilities fixed)
  • MobaXterm log files can now be re-opened using the "more" command, but also inside MobaTextEditor


Version 4.0 (2011-12-15)

General modifications:

  • New session type: VNC (connect to your remote Windows desktop directly from a MobaXterm tab)
  • New session type: RDP (Microsoft Terminal Services: allows you to access your remote Windows desktop directly from a MobaXterm tab)
  • New session type: FTP (File Transfer graphical client with a \"remote edit\" function)
  • New session type: SFTP (Secure File Transfer graphical client with a \"remote edit\" function)
  • New session type: Serial (COM) communication (Administer equipments such as switch/router directly from the MobaXterm terminal)
  • New session type: Local Shell (start a local shell with embedded Unix commands (\"bash\") or DOS (\"cmd\") directly in a MobaXterm terminal)
  • Sessions can now be created and managed easily from the new session sidebar
  • Several sessions can be started at MobaXterm startup or by right clicking on a session folder. This can be useful for restoring a complete environment with several open tabs
  • The main window, tabs and icons have been redesigned in order to look better and to be more ergonomic
  • You can now set different advanced terminal options for each single session you create (colors, fonts, charsets, ...)
  • Added an option for closing all tabs except the current one
  • The X11 server (Xorg) has been updated to its latest version
  • A lot of X11 server options have been added in order to fine tune the Xorg server at MobaXterm startup (OpenGL support, drawing engine, keyboard type, clipboard integration, ...)
  • A lot of XDMCP server options have been added in order to deal with every kind of remote OS (Solaris, HP-Ux, AIX, GNU/Linux, ...)
  • You can now export/import your sessions or only some of your sessions to/from a file
  • MobaXterm documentation has been updated
  • MobaTextEditor can now start instantly for editing your remote files via SFTP or FTP.
  • Several instances of MobaXterm can now be launched simultaneously
  • MobaXterm is now fully compatible with Windows 8 Developer Preview

Unix Terminal modifications:

  • The ForwardX11Trusted ssh option (SSH X11-forwarding) is now enabled by default: you do not have to specify manually the \"ssh -X\" or \"ssh -Y\" command in order to activate X11-forwarding in MobaXterm
  • The Compression ssh option is now enabled by default if the server supports it: you do not have to specify manually the \"ssh -C\" command anymore.
  • Added 5 network daemons: telnetd, ftpd, tftpd, httpd and dnsd. These daemons can be started using the \"service start\" command. Be careful: these daemons do not use any authentication at all and allow any user to connect anonymously.
  • After each command, a new indicator tells you if the previous command failed (x) or succeeded (v)
  • Prompt (PS1) has been updated in order to display the current date, time, folder, user and computer name with colors
  • Terminal locale is now autodetected from your Windows environment
  • The startup message has been cleaned in order to be more explicit. The DISPLAY variable now uses your IP address instead of your host name.
  • If you use a light background colour in your terminal, the fonts colors are darkened
  • Added 2 new options in the right-click menu: zoom-in and zoom-out
  • Terminal default size is now 80x24 characters
  • Matches highlighting has been added in \"grep\"
  • Colors (syntax highlighting) have been added in man pages
  • A new option allows you to choose whether to paste using middle or right click
  • When closing multiple terminals with a running process inside, now only one warning dialog is displayed
  • A new option allows you to disable the warning which is displayed when closing a terminal with a running process inside
  • You can now directly run a session by typing its name inside a terminal

Professional edition related modifications:

  • MobaXterm customization settings are now directly saved into MobaXterm executable
  • MobaXterm professional customizer is now licensed on a per-user and per-device basis
  • Added new security restriction options for disabling unsafe protocols (RSH, telnet, FTP, XDMCP, VNC), disabling changing settings or disabling saving passwords
  • Disabling games now deletes the embedded games from the menus and the MobaXterm executable
  • New options and settings for editing your MobaXterm banner
  • You can now use pre-defined environment variables such for displaying IP address, computername, username, version and DISPLAY
  • The custom profile script is now executed after other necessary profile scripts
  • Added new settings: paste using right-click, use Windows path environment, enable/disable SSH compression, ...
  • Your custom logo is now displayed on MobaXterm splash screen and in the About window
  • Bookmarks are now saved directly into MobaXterm executable file
  • You can now import your MobaXterm bookmarks instead of creating them one by one in the customizer
  • Several new bookmarks options have been added

Bug fixes:

  • Games and screensaver were not correctly disabled in Pro version
  • Some terminal characters were lost upon terminal resize/split
  • The XDMCP command now includes the \"from\" command switch which can be necessary when you have more than one NIC in your computer
  • Tab names are now locked when you renamed them manually
  • When editing remote files using MobaTextEditor, the save window sometimes disapeared under terminals
  • The \"minimize to tray\" button did not work after changing application skin
  • Fixed bugs with MobaXterm X server (Xorg) running in a multi-screens environment
  • Correcting some bugs when moving bookmarks to another folder
  • Corrected several bugs in the embedded X11 server
  • Corrected the black \"I\" mouse cursor when the terminal background is black
  • Fixed some bugs with MobaXterm X11 server (Xorg) and Windows 7
  • Fixed the warning message \"No xauth data\" when using ssh with X11 Forwarding

Version 3.2 (2011-05-30)

- New options for the Customizer: "Disable games"
- Improved the bookmarks interface (bookmarks folders, better edition, custom icon, ...)
- Added an option to hide/show the SSH graphical browser dynamically
- Added a new button for bookmarking a running SSH session
- Terminal tabs can now be moved using drag n'drop
- Compression has been enabled by default for SSH --> it allows big speed improvements, especially across slow networks or the Internet
- Big improvements on skins (no more flickering or slow effects)
- Corrected some multi-screens bugs
- Big improvements on the graphical interface, especially in "no-skin" mode
- New command available: "ssh-noencryption"
- No more settings are written to the registry so that MobaXterm is now fully portable (thanks to
- There is now no skin by default at first startup
- Corrected the MobaControl[...] tools
- Updated several tools (rsync, etc...)
- Added the Stty tool
- Added the glxgears, glxinfo, glxheads and glxdemo tools
- Added the typespeed tool
- Some improvements in the splash screen
- A double-click on the tab bar now opens a new tab
- Corrected a problem with the SFTP upload progressbar with big files
- MobaTextEditor now remembers its previous window size
- The address bar in the SFTP graphical browser is now editable
- Added a screensaver for Home users that can be disabled by the customizer
- Corrected a problem with Backspace not correctly erasing letters on old Unixes and on some terminal applications
- Corrected a window resizing bug when the sftp browser was closed
- Corrected a tab button placement bug when switching from a SSH tab to a local tab
- Corrected some bugs with the rxvt terminal under Openbox
- Corrected a bug that prevented the terminal from launching in some particular cases
- The "minimize to tray" button is now available, even in "no skin" mode
- You can now specify the sender IP address in the Xdmcp chooser
- Several internationalization issues, especially in X server and in the SSH / SFTP clients
- The SFTP graphical transfers are now non-blocking and multi-threaded
- Added some new plugins (Expect, TCL/TK, Corskrew, ...)

Version 3.0 (2010-08-20)

- Added a very cool graphical browser when connecting to a remote host using ssh or sftp.
- Dramatically improved the startup speed (no need to display a progress bar anymore?)
- Dramatically improved the plugins activation
- Added a main menu (you can choose to show only the main menu, only the buttons toolbar or both
in the settings window)
- Added a very cool option called "Multi-execution mode": this option allows you to execute a
single command on all the opened terminals
- Added customizable keyboard shortcuts
- Added a new "top" implementation that shows many useful information about processes
- Ctrl + Clic on a file name, on a link or on a directory name inside the terminal will open it
in the Windows explorer
- Improved greatly Windows interaction
- Added several new customization options
- Corrected several display bugs with Windows
- Added ssh-agent with its options
- Improved the main window design
- Improved the Text Editor toolbar design
- PRO VERSION ONLY: Added a "MSI creator" that allows professional users to create and customize
their own MSI installer packages
- PRO VERSION ONLY: Added several new options to the customizer in order to customize deeply
- Added a new option for showing/hiding the main menu
- Added a new option for showing/hiding the buttons toolbar
- Added a new option for creating a shortcut to your bookmark on the desktop
- Added a new "Minimize to tray" option
- Added a fullscreen mode option
- Added a new option for selecting a font path
- New option for sending ^H when pressing the backspace key
- Added UTF-8 support
- Added drag and drop support (you can now drag a file and drop it onto the terminal)
- Updated all tools
- Added Midnight Commander, ncdu, autossh, fdupes, iperf, full vim, rsync
- New accelerated X server (with OpenGL support)

Version 2.2 (2009-10-14)

- Added some new plugins
- Added an HTML documentation in the About window
You can also type "help" in the terminal
- Improved the default console font
- Improved copy/paste when pasting to an external program
- Improved startup speed
- Added a great integrated picture viewer called "ShowImage"
- Added a great integrated text editor with development
and diff features called "MobaTextEditor"
- Added a port monitoring program
- Added fdupes - a duplicate files finder
(and optionally remover)
- When closing a remote ssh/telnet/rlogin/rsh connection, the tab title is set
to the original tab title instead of "$HOSTNAME"
- Corrected a bug when in installed mode, the home directory
was not correctly mounted
- The MobaConsole default font has been modified in order
to better support antialiasing in Windows Vista and Windows Seven
- The default window size is now adapted to your resolution
- Changed the error message when using the "Create shortcut" button in the bookmarks
editor without any bookmark selected
- Added FTP capabilities for bookmarks creation
- In the bookmarks creation dialog, there is a little red star
for indicating required fields
- The bookmarks are now editable by double-clicking on them
- You can now select your home directory location, even in portable mode,
so that you can keep your home files persistent
- You can now use small buttons for the MobaXterm menus
- You can now start an X-Win session with a light Window Manager ("Openbox")

Version 2.1 (2009-07-16)

- Added a "print" button
- When the current tab is over the tab limits, it is now displayed at the middle of
the tabs bar. 2 arrow buttons allow users to browse the entire tab bar,
even if the tabs are hidden.
- Corrected a bug when using Vista's screenlock feature
- Corrected a bug when resizing a terminal with multiple tabs (the new size values
were not kept correctly)
- Enlarged the resize area in the bottom-right corner
- Added an information icon to the balloon tips
- Corrected a bug: in some cases the X server fonts were not completely loaded
at startup
- Corrected a bug: in some cases, the Vista firewall was blocking the
X server and an error could occur
- When the program is installed, the "Install" button is now disabled in the
options window

Version 2.0 (2009-06-08)

- Changed name from "MobaXVT" to "MobaXterm"
- Dramatically speeded-up the startup time, especially when an antivirus
is present (up to 420% faster!)
- Completely redesigned the terminal interface using native Windows widgets
- Added a very useful "Multi-Split View" option for displaying 1, 2 or 4 terminals
at once (also called "dual-panel view" and "4-panel view")
- Removed the first screen (selection of X session mode)
- Added an option for saving all the terminal output to a text file
- Added an option for choosing your font (name, size, antialiasing, parameters, ...)
- Added an option for choosing the terminal colors
- Added a "clear screen" button
- Added a right-clic menu on the terminal with the following options: Select all, Copy, Paste
- Added a status bar for monitoring the X server and the clipboard
- Added a right-clic menu on tab and an option for closing tab with a middle-clic
- Added some documentation
- Added new unix commands like bzcat, dd, diff, du, ed, expand, ftpget,
ftpput, hexdump, ipcrm, killall, lpr, md5sum, mkfifo, nice, nohup, od, patch,
printf, renice, sendmail, setsid, sha1sum, strings, sum, sync, tac, tee, telnet,
tftp, uname, unzip, uudecode, uuencode, watch, wc, wget, which, zcat
- Added some very light servers like httpd, tftpd, telnetd, dnsd
- Your parameters are now saved to an INI file which makes MobaXterm fully portable